What We Have Read

* Author joined us for discussion in person
# Author provided additional insights or material or sent representative


The way we civilize – Ros Kidd

Is that you Ruthie?
– Aunty Ruth Hegarty

* Forcibly removed – Uncle Albert Holt

Lighting the way: Reconciliation stories – Dianne Johnstone

My place – Sally Morgan


Born a half-caste – Marnie Kennedy                                                                            

If everyone cared: Autobiography of Margaret Tucker – Margaret Tucker

Dingo: The story of our mob – Sally Dingo

* Sister girl: The writings of Aboriginal activist and historian Jackie Huggins – Jackie Huggins

Very big journey: My life as I remember it – Aunty Hilda Jarman Muir

The life of Riley – Lin Riley


# Why warriors lie down and die : Djambatj mala -  Richard Trudgen

Freedom ride: A freedom rider remembers  - Ann Curthoys

A bastard like me – Charles Perkins

Why weren’t we told? – Henry Reynolds

Edward Koiki Mabo: His life and struggle for land rights – Noel Loos and Koiki Mabo

Paddy’s road: Life stories of Patrick Dodson – Kevin Keefe

Saltwater people: The waves of memory – Nonie Sharp


The secret riverKate Grenville

Faith: Faith Bandler – gentle activist -  Marilyn Lake

One hour more daylight: An historical overview of Aboriginal dispersal in South and South West Queensland – Mark Copland, Jonathan Richards and Andrew Walker

Mum Shirl: An autobiography – Mum Shirl

Oodgeroo Noonuckle – poetry – various titles

Jackson’s track: Memoir of a dreamtime place – Daryl Tonkin

* A dumping ground: A history of the Cherbourg settlement – Thom Blake


Auntie RitaJackie Huggins

Under the Wintamarra tree – Carol Edwards

Maybe tomorrow -  Boorie Pryor

Torres Strait Islander women and the Pacific War – Elizabeth Osborne

Kimberley warrior: The story of Jandamarra – John Nicholson

Songman – Bob Randall (plus video Kanyini)


* Unbranded  – Uncle Herb Wharton

The tall man – Chloe Hooper

* Bittersweet journey – Aunty Ruth Hegarty

* The grand experiment – Anouk Ride

* Life b’long Ali Drummond: A life in the Torres Strait – Samantha Faulkner

# Anonymous premonition – Yvette Holt

Stradbroke Dreamtime – Kath Walker (Oodgeroo Noonuccal)
At North Stradbroke Island Historical Museum for first viewing of Oodgeroo Noonuccal Collection


* Riding the Black Cockatoo – John Danalis

Maralinga: The Anagu story  - Yalata and Oak Valley communities with Christobel Mattingley

Footprints: The journey of Lucy and Percy Pepper – Simon Flagg

Ted Kennedy, priest of Redfern – Edmund Campion

The city’s outback  - Gillian Cowlishaw

It is no secret  - Donna Meehan

* Seven seasons at Aurukun  - Paula Shaw

Three warriors within – Marcus Pedro


Jasper Jones – Craig Silvey

Listening to Country – Ros Moriarty

Every secret thing – Marie Munkara

Something like slavery? Queensland’s Aboriginal child workers 1842-1945 – Shirleen Robinson  

# Dog Ear Café – Andrew Stojanovski

* Hey Mum, what’s a half caste? -  Lorraine McGee Sippel

Throwing off the cloak: Reclaiming self reliance in the Torres Strait – Elizabeth Osborne

# Singing saltwater country: Journey to the songlines of Carpentaria – John Bradley


That Deadman Dance - Kim Scott

I'm the one that know this country - Jessie Lennon    

Purple Threads - Jeanne Leane    

Grog War - Alexis Wright    


The Dreaming and other essays - W.E.H. Stanner

Aboriginal Self-Determination - Gary Johns  

Rene Baker File#28EDP - Rene Powell 


The biggest estate on earth: how Aborigines made Australia - Bill Gammage

They crossed a continent - Margaret Sommerville

* The Lone Protester: A.M. Fernando in Australia and Europe - Fiona Paisley

Grace beside me - Sue McPherson

* Am I black enough for you? - Anita Heiss

* Ina's Story - Catherine Titasey

Legendary Tales of the Australian Aborigines - David Uniapon

# Good Morning Mr Sarra - Chris Sarra


* Mullumbimby - Melissa Lucashenko

Steady Steady: the life and music of Seaman Dan - Henry "seaman" Dan and Dr Karl Neuenfeldt

Sarah Thornhill - Kate Grenville

#Quandamooka Dreaming - Sandra Delaney

Treading Lightly - Karl-Erik Sveiby and Tex Skulthorpe

Conspiracy of Silence - Timothy Bottoms                 10th ANNIVERSARY CELEBRATIONS

Sisters, Pearls and Mission Girls   (Film)

Forgotten War - Henry Reynolds


Dark Emu, Black Seeds - Bruce Pascoe

The Black War  - Nicholas Clements                                                                                                          

The Swan Book - Alexis Wright

Eded Mer - Thomas Lowah

A Rightful Place: race recognition and a more complete Commonwealth - Noel Pearson

First Footprints - Scott Kane                                                           COPIES OF DVD OF THIS TITLE SHARED

The Bush - Don Watson

Benang - Kim Scott


*Not Just Black and White – Lesley and Tammy Williams                                                                              

*Aboriginal Campsites of Greater Brisbane – Ray Kerkhove                                                                                  

On Track: Searching out the Bundian Way - John Blay

Warrior: a legendary leader's dramatic life and violent death on the colonial frontier - Libby Connors

Frontier Justice: a history of the Gulf Country to 1900 – Tony Roberts

*Murri on a Mission - Uncle Albert Holt

Cockatoo: my life in Cape York – Roy McIvor

The Secret War: A true history of Queensland’s Native Police – Jonathan Richards


Talking to My Country – Stan Grant

Maralinga's Long Shadow – Christobel Mattingley

Finding Eliza - Larissa Behrendt

It's Our Country  - edited by Megan Davis & Marcia Langton

Swallow the Air – Tara Jane Winch

Code of Silence - Colin Dillon

Ailan Kastom (Island Custom) – DVD

Saltwater – Cathy McLennan


The Oldest Foods on Earth – John Newton                                               

The Forgotten People – Damien Freeman & Shirleen Morris                     

Barbed Wire & Cherry Blossoms - Anita Heiss

Murder at Myall Creek - Mark Tedeschi

Serious Whitefella Stuff – Mark Moran

From the Edge - Mark McKenna

No Ordinary Judgement – Nonie Sharp

Dancing Home – Paul Collis


Taboo – Kim Scott                                                

Of Ashes &Rivers that Run to the SeaMarie Munkara                   

Growing up Aboriginal in Australia - Edited by Anita Heiss

The Missing Man  - Peter Rees

Common People (short stories) – Tony Birch

Deep Time Dreaming - Billy Griffiths

The Drover's Wife – Leah Purcell

Moment of Truth, History & Australia’s Future – Mark McKenna


Dark Emu (read 2015) &/or Young Dark Emu &/or Salt Bruce Pascoe

Finding the Heart of the Nation: Journey of the Uluru Statement to Voice, Treaty, Truth -Thomas Mayor

Too Much Lip - Melissa Lucashenko

Remembering the Myall Creek Massacre - Edited by Jane Lydon & Lyndall Ryan

Adventures with agitatorsPaul Richardson

The Yield  - Tara Jane Wench

Navigating Boundaries - the Asian diaspora in Torres Strait Edited Anna Shnukal, Greg Ramsay, .                                                                                                                                                           Yuiko Nagata

Australia Day  Stan Grant